little big stars

dress projection mapping

i was hired by cre8mania to work on 3 animations for mbc's little big stars, a talent show for kids, broadcast in the middle east.





using after effects, animations were created in sync with the provided music to be performed.


these animations were then projected on a mockup 3d model to test the mapping before setting up the actual projection on set at mbc studios.


realtime particle animation


a series of particle animations was set up to work in real time with htc vive controllers for the performer to use while dancing live on stage.


i worked alongside developers at cre8mania in unity 3d to generate the particle system and the lighting and created an application for live use on set.


click here to check the final performance.


hangar projection mapping

using both a back and floor screens, this animation was projected from a particular angle relative to the camera to give the illusion of an environment where the performer was dancing and interacting with.

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