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visual effects projects

an individual project submission for the digital effects techniques module during my masters at bournemouth university.

it's an homage to the visit space posters made by nasa.


all aspects of the shot were done using houdini, nuke, mari and photoshop.


the piece was featured in the houdini education reel 2018 (at 1:30).

legacy is a sci-fi short that i worked on as part of a group of 4 people.

this video is my contribution breakdown

i was responsible for clouds and storm effects, ocean, two matte paintings and some compositing using houdini, nuke davinci resolve and photoshop


check out the full short film here

lacuna is a short made by 4 students including myself for the group project module.

some of the shots made the houdini education reel 2018 (at 2:00).

i contributed by modelling and texturing the piano, generating the procedural ripple effects and compositing.

i was also the mocap actor for the sculpture playing the piano, and wrote the music for the project.

breakdown of aquascape, the first individual project at bournemouth university where we had to shoot a backplate in a real world location, model and texture an artefact and make it look underwater.

the software i used were houdini and nuke

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